Start-up flair at the turn of the millennium, so it happened that 6 paraglider pilots plunged into the water sports industry with a lot of courage and zest for action. The enormous potential of kite sports and the rapidly growing market was not the only decisive factors behind the founding of FLYSURFER, rather kiting was seen as the perfect combination of air and water sports. Over the next few months, we want to present to you what vision our founders had and what hurdles they had to overcome on the way to today’s success. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world, characterized by lateral thinkers, an unsatisfied drive for innovation and the pure will to offer the world added value.


Growing since 2001

For 20 years, people have been particularly important to us. Our employees, our long-term partners as well as our riders are the essence of FLYSURFER, the origin of every idea and its conscientious implementation. Our friendship and openness should inspire you to practice our sport together with enthusiasm. To put it simply, we want to have as much fun as possible and not close ourselves off to anyone. Because with a good feeling and joy, every day can be an adventure.

For many of you, FLYSURFER has become more than just a manufacturer of sporting goods, we are also united by beautiful moments, unforgettable adventures and great successes. We want to carry this high of emotions together into the next 20 years!


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