Ep:9 Can a Professional Make YOU Shred Faster & Harder?

Aubrey Volger, Licensed Massage Therapist, PMBI Level 2 Certified Mountain Bike Coach and kick ass mom, came in to talk about mountain bike skills coaching.  I had heard about coaching for racers which centered more on fitness and nutrition, but Aubrey is all about the shred and how to actually ride a bike better.  Two women I know locally have been instructed by Aubrey in either the Trek Dirt Series or Yeti Vida MTB Series and kept raving about her so I felt compelled to learn more.  After talking with her I was in to it so I set my wife up with Aubrey to do a shred session as my wife's mother's day gift and she came back stoked.  Whenever my wife kicks her cold I will get more specifics out of her, but I would highly suggest people look in to some form of professional coaching for yourself or your ride partner if you feel time crunched and want to get better right now instead of making small gains throughout the season.

You can find Aubrey's website, Drift Hands, at https://www.drifthands.com/ and book an appointment for massage therapy or skills coaching sessions if you are in the Durango area.  Or if you are a cool kid, check her out @cobarbie on the social scene.

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