Ep:7 Yeti Cycles Back in the Day & Track Cycling

Steve  was one of the earliest Yeti employees and happens to be an amazing story teller and one of the nicest guys ever.  We dive in to Yeti back in California, the bikes they were building, the race culture they bred and even how their iconic name came to be.  In the midst of the Yeti story, Steve happens to drop a bomb on me and mentions that Yeti built a crazy 24" track bike for the legendary Rory O'Reilly.  We deviate a handful of times for amazing stories about biking back in the day.  This was an absolute blast for me and I hope you enjoy.

Prototype yeti

The best pictures of the Yeti Ultimate with good shots of the Love Tube can be found HERE

You can find great info and pictures of a lot of other old school Yetis in their archive HERE.  There is a CRUISER (and I don't mean BMX) in that list.  I wonder if it was made while Schwinn owned them...

I will have to track someone down that stayed on through the various owners...

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