Ep:5 Whole Enchiladas in Tucson brought to you by TORCA and Homegrown MTB

TORCA - Tucson Off-Road Cycling & Activists

Homegrown MTB - Shuttles Guiding and Rentals

Art has spent 8 years rebuilding trails and clearing trees in Tucson Arizona to bring epic mountain biking back to life.  Art is obviously proud of his work, but he should be because little known Tucson boasts 3 Whole Enchilada like trails.  We also discuss Art's wife's work over at Homegrown MTB.  I would not have considered hiring a tour guide for mountain biking before, but if you only have a few days to smash a new town, it seems worth every penny after talking to Art.  Enjoy!

This page may be sparse for a few because Art is on the road and I will be in Leadville Colorado for spring break.  Awesome interview either way...wait, did Art say Stoked to Ride...yeah e' did!

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