Ep:4 12 Hours of Mesa Verde & Heli Hut Trip in Canada

Matt Watson talks about driving up to Canada in his homemade camper to get picked up in a helicopter and dropped off in a remote hut for a week of Backcountry skiing. Matt and his Wife Katy are also members of my 12 hour "race" team in May.  The pictures from this trip are amazing.

Bill Putnam (Fairy Meadow) Hut - Links to pictures and all the booking info.

12 Hours of Mesa Verde - Registration is closed, but you can check it out.

Matt is super humble, but the man gets after it.  He and Katy are always out doing something extraordinary and treating it like nothing at all.  Love the "Sassy".

OneUp Components EDC Tool

This thing threads in to any 1-1/8" threadless steerer tube and allows you to have tools on every ride weather or not you have a pack on.  This is on my short list of things I have moved to the NEED category for this season.

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