Ep:3 Dying Alone in the Desert & Targeting an Ironman at 40

Matt Sullivan talks about how a series of questionable (my words, not his) goals led him to completing an Ironman at the age of 45.  He also tells the story of his first attempt at bikepacking from Durango, CO to Moab, UT and how a little bit of poor planning and a fair bit of bad luck/weather led him to break down and almost die alone in the desert

As promised - Total Immersion Swimming

Shirtless mountainbiking
Budget Bikepacking Setup
bikepacking to moab
Sully Ironman
Sully riding BMX
Matt Sulivan and the flight for life helocopter
Road Biking durango

Bibs with Pockets

These are Yeti bibs, but they are similar to the SWAT bibs that Sully and I tried out and really liked this last year.  I'll admit I would have jumped all over the Yeti version if I had seen them first.  If you have not tried bibs, you really should.  Worldwide Cyclery also has womens bibs in a similar style from a brand I have not tried.

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