Everyone I meet seems to have an amazing talent or story to share.

The Stoked to Ride podcast is a weekly release of cool bike stories and info for you to download and rock out to while riding or cleaning the house.

This year we will be talking about designing bikes, building bikes, heli-biking, jumping bikes, racing bikes, building trail, Mountain Unicycling, dialing bike suspension, back-country touring, snowboarding and even skiing the Stoked to Ride podcast will share something every week to rev you up and hopefully inspire you to go out and find your next story.


A father of two little shredders always looking for an excuse to get out an ride something bigger, better, faster or further away from the noise.

I listen to podcasts when I ride, build trail or knock off Honey-Do's.  I don't like opening my player and seeing that I have burned through all of my downloaded content and I also felt like I only find shows focussed on new equipment, racing, or industry news.  I am releasing a podcast to showcase the people in cycling that matter most to me, the bike designers, mechanics, trail builders and my fellow riders that get out and have fun.

Patrick Fleege and sons biking

Patrick Fleege

Outdoor Phanatic

Mountain biking is my primary passion, but these days that involves camping with my wife and kids, racing bmx with my son and road biking to stay in shape.

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